Join Mckinlays?


Our policy for expansion by starting new offices means that there are opportunities for professional property people with strong estate agency experience who are looking to start their own completely and totally independent McKinlays business with the clout of a Corporate but with none of the encumbrances of a Corporate or Partnership.

If we are not already in your town and you are successful and experienced we will welcome you to join our club the cost of which is £1,000.00 per annum plus VAT for the use of the name.
There are no other charges whatsoever
If you are interested in starting your own McKinlays business then please contact Simon McClintock on direct line telephone 07814901527 at any time for a confidential chat.

Alternatively register your interest by E-mailing your details including your contact number(s) to Simon McClintock at his private email address [email protected] and he will contact you.


When we have vacancies, they will be advertised on this page. Alternatively contact the appropriate office(s) direct.

We are looking for new owners with strong estate agency experience to start their own businesses in any town or market town where we have no current representation. Contact Simon McClintock on mobile 07814901527

Rest assured all enquiries will be dealt with personally and with the utmost confidentiality – inside or outside working hours.